Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Triumph: Scrapbook Paper Storage

So, I've been neglecting my Facebook friends as well as all the friends I'm playing Words or Ruzzle with in favor of my new addiction....Pinterest!  Yep, after swearing I wasn't interested, I've finally succumbed and joined everyone else pinning tons of things that look like great ideas, but I'll never follow through with.  But wait, there's that negative thinking again.  So, rather than just pinning, I'm DOING the things I pin.  At least some of them.  And here are the fruits of my labors......

That, my friends is a lovely scrapbook paper organizer thing that I made with my very own two hands.  Well, I assembled it. I didn't actually make the wire racks.  I'm not that talented, ya know.  I got the idea from this great blog.  Pretty much just followed her instructions and was pretty pleased with the result.  Cost: $15 for the wire rack at Shopko (on sale, normally $40) and $5 for the 18 million zip ties it required.  Okay, I'm exaggerating, it didn't take that many.  But, it took a whole lot more of those scratchy little things than I expected.

Overall, I'm pleased with the result.  It ended up with 9 slots for paper so I was able to sort my colors by the spectrum (my very own little paper rainbow!) with 3 additional slots for black, white and neutrals.  I have my favorite pads of patterned papers stacked on top.

The only downside is those darn zip ties.  The little buggers are sharp!  Didn't want to risk damaging paper by putting the little nubby ends facing inside so I put them on the outside.  So, my paper stash is now protected by the plastic equivalent of barbed wire.  I might have to find some sandpaper or something to try to smooth those edges before I slice myself open on one of them.  It would really tick me off if I got blood on one of my scrapping projects. 

And that is my Pinterest Success Story for today!  I'll have more when I get pics. 

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